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Introducing business to business web application


Business to Business is an intaractive website that helps organizations, businessman and women and individuals to sell their products online to buyers all over the world. Companies and individuals will register at the websites and put their company information and products by themselves. Business to business can be linked to your existing website or stand alone. E.g of b2b web application,,, etc.


  1. Online registration of all sellers and buyers all over the world
  2. Buyers put adverts of what they want to buy
  3. Sellers put their products with pictures and prices
  4. Publish trade fairs to market participants
  5. Companies publish job vacant online
  6. Paid adverts from companies
  7. Suppliers profiles are publish on the website
  8. Search engine
  9. Live chat with suppliers and buyers
  10. Registered member has its own content manager to manage his or her own buy/sell
  11. Ability to delete, add and edit product by the owner of the b2b website
  12. Forum (a place for people to discuss about the market)
  13. Market News (publish news about Nigerian products, Nigeria and international market)
  14. VIP companies (Recommend some companies for buyers)
  15. Video shows of companies
  16. The owner of the b2b website has control over all the content of the website through his content management systems (from where he manage and control the website)
  17. Products are categorized, buyers can easily find the product they are looking for and contact the company that put the product
  18. Send inquiries direct to suppliers on the website
  19. Suppliers receive inquiries on their emails or get inquiries on their manager.
  20. Platform to offer consulting, advice and receive compliant from market participants through feedback
  21. B2b website can contain as many as 10 million companies and suppliers can put as many products as they want.
  22. Publish job offers
  23. Buyers in anywhere in the world can find people from their own area.


  1. Help companies/suppliers/ farmers to sell their products all over the world online
  2. Buyers can find sellers by just entering the product they want on the search engine and search.
  3. Helps to advertise trade fairs to market participants all over the world
  4. Tell the world about made in Nigeria goods, farm produce and about Nigerian market.
  5. Organize discussion on Nigerian products and get suggestion from real market participants.
  6. The website is easy to maintain since buyers and sellers register themselves and manage their own part of the website. It reduces work load for you.
  7. Help bring farmers, manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, service providers and other market participants together.
  8. Your organization can make money through Banner adverts on the website
  9. Help you to participant fully on Nigeria and international market.

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